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V'na dè Beautè by Ayra - 'Shine like gold'and this is our story.

Our business is Makeup Preps skincare. Provides a total luxury skincare experience that goes above and beyond in creating a unique brand that has been meticulously designed for your skin type.

V'na de Beautè by Ayra is a natural skincare concept of gentle formulas and cruelty free products. Keeping your skin looking healthier and radiant, so you can be more natural beauty.

Our story begins with the vision and mission of a vibrant young women who took a leap of faith when we founded V'na de Beautè by Ayra in 2016. Siti Farhahdilla and Nor Alvina created the Manjung, Perak based brand because we wanted to bring the very best of pure luxury natural plants skincare to share with. 

It's was our desire and passion to combine the best of nature and technology of science to give your skin feeling drenched in the beauty of nature and radiate your beauty from inside.

Using highest standard of production and the purest of plant extract ingredients and water base that provide your skin feels hydrates, nourishes and soothes, where each product has it's own unique native extract synergy that suitable for a particular skin condition or concern.